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Cybersecurity in the Workplace: Tips for 2022

In the workplace, cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility. Hybrid work models that enable employees to work both from home or the office have transformed the workplace experience, but this has also blurred the line between work and home life, changing how and when employees access company information. As cybersecurity crimes continue to increase, it is vital ...

Data Fabric

What is Data Fabric? Technology Trends for 2022

Data Fabric is one of the technologies that is expected to trend in 2022 because it is increasingly sought after for its development and utilization into a system that can process large-scale data.

Follow These Steps For Website Development Process!

Almost all business people learn website development to create a site as an investment in developing their business. Starting from a novice businessman to a professional, they must do it. However, many of them failed to create the website a buyer’s value for their company. Whether it’s a functional issue, maintenance, to the layout of ...

Developing Mobile Apps vs Web Apps

Mobile or Web App, Why it’s Important to Build One

Everything you looking for is now available on digital, from songs, videos, games, arts, or even a business. In order to survive, businesses need to migrate to digital as it offers more for both clients and companies. To get ahead of competitors, some of the businesses are developing mobile or web apps. To understand the ...

Increasing Digital Talent ITS and Sagara

Increasing Digital Talent, ITS Joins Sagara #GoBIGInDigital

Collaborative actions of government, businesses, and also educational institution plays an important role in digital transformation. Indonesia’s goal to arouse the digital economy needs to focus on increasing digital talent as the technology is already available. The governments have set their goal to reach digital transformation through policy-making, and businesses are already transforming their system ...

Accelerate Digitalization

Accelerate Digitalization through Digital Talent

The digital ‘era’ is surely nothing new. As the world now slowly recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone talks about digitalization again. So, what makes it become a new trend again if the digital part is not new? the answer is pace. The pace of adopting technology is a very crucial part. After the emergence ...

Growing Digital Talent in Indonesia

The Challenge of Digital Talent Growth in Indonesia

Development in connectivity and computing power, along with technology enhancements, redefines the way people interact. Even if the technology is available, not all countries have access to it. Some countries still lack focus on digital talent growth. Despite having almost 274 million in population, Indonesia is still lacking digital talent to support digitalization. To measure ...

HR Tech Summit 2021 Day 2

HR Tech Summit Indonesia 2021 – Day 2

In case you missed Day-2 of HR Tech Summit Indonesia 2021, we have wrapped up our webinar just for you! Indonesia’s ambition to involve the digital role as a driver of the national economy involves the role of companies created by the nation’s children to contribute to the state in the technology-based development of Indonesian ...

HR Tech Summit Indonesia 2021

HR Tech Summit 2021, In case you missed it!

Indonesia’s ambition for digitalization involves collaboration across institutions and businesses. Indonesia needs thousands of Digital Talent to achieve this ambition. Sagara Technology and Tech in Asia held “HR Tech Summit Indonesia 2021” to support Indonesia’s Digitalization. As one of the tech companies in Indonesia, Sagara Technology has the ultimate vision to become one of the ...

Software as a Service

Software as a Service Impact on Software Industry

Remember when every software you want is on a disk? You have to buy the disk and install it on your computer to use the software. But the thing is it can only be used on that one computer. While cloud computing becomes a thing, the software company is also changing by using Software as ...